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Our Hacking Services
Email Hacks

We get hack all sorts of emails – gmail, yahoo, hotmail and company mails.

Facebook Hacks

We hack facebook accounts or fan page can be hacked within 4-8hours depending on the accounts’ vulnerability.

Instagram Hacks

Instagram hack can also been achieved in a within a day, just send us the target details.

Cell Phone Hacks

We hack all smart phones our MSS v.4.32 does the work, it works on the latest technology.

Grade Change

We hack into various vulnerable university website for grade change, always achievable.

Skype Hack

We infiltrate any skype account within a day, we just need target details.

Debt Clearing

Our main specialty, we help improve credit scores and clear bad debts in a few days.

IP Tracking

We have trackers over 200 countries,
all we need from you is the phone number, then we send target’s location within 30 minutes

Websites Hack

We are against stigmatizing and bad comments, send the website that treats you bad, we will handle the rest in just 2 days.

Search Engines

SEO, we have robotics on several search engines, we can place your website on the first page of search engines.

Tailored Services

Other requests is open to be received by us. We improvise other techniques to satisfy our clients.

Hacking Course

Every 3 months, we recruit, train and certify hackers, you can send a mail to if interested.


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